What is CCTV Service CRM all about?

CCTV Service CRM is an On-Demand easy to use solution for small and medium business houses or SME's.

How do I register?

You can register online by filling some basic details about your organization. We will create a trial account for you and arrange training.

What are the different modules available at elevatorcrm.in?

Available modules - Service, AMC, Repair, New installation, Leads, Quotations, Inventory, Payment Follow-up.

Can I manage multi branch operation?


What are the costs for using the services at PostCRM?

Please write to us bijay@crmmail.in

Are there any limits on usage or number of logins?

Free module comes with 5 login. In paid memberships, you can order as per your requirements. There is however, no limit on usage for paid users.

Is the software windows or web based?

CCTV Service CRM is a web based solution and you do not have to download / install any software. All you need is internet connection to have 24X7 accesses to your operations.

How do I recover a forgotten password?

Only admin can request for forgot password link on login page and enter your registered mail id. A link will be sent to your registered emailID of Admin. All other passwords are to be managed by Admin.

Can we share data with Customer?

Yes. At CCTV Service CRM if you are activating sms/email notification with weblink then a link will be shared with service notifications. Your customer can view details and send request also.

Will my data be shared with anyone?

We take utmost care to keep your data secure. Your data can only be viewed by your users as per authorisation. We don't share your data. For disaster management, daily/hourly databack is scheduled.

What happens if I wish to discontinue my membership?

You can opt to discontinue your membership at any time, however payments once received shall not be refunded. On cancellation, admin will be allowed to view and download essential data.

Can I download my data?

Yes. You can download data in excel format.