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AMC management

IT products - computers, printers, CCTVs, etc. - have become omnipresent and can be found in offices as well as households. The application may vary from place to place, but the necessity is everywhere. Every year, huge amounts of money is spent in acquiring new IT assets however, an equally significant amount is also spent to keep the current IT infrastructure up and running all the times. It is this opportunity tapped by several companies, big and small, that help their clients in this endeavor. Although the opportunity is huge, only those companies that can deliver the most effective services thrive in today�s competitive market.

At PostCRM, we understand this challenge and have created just the right solution to help our members deliver services that meet their client expectations. With our AMC management software, you can add AMCs with a click of button. Add AMCs for your clients, add their offices, products under each AMC, add commercial terms and much more. Additionally, get reminders for periodical services, as per contract, and renewal dues so that not only you provide exceptional services but also retain your clients. Asset management is another benefit that you get with our module. All this is bundled in the most seamless way possible so that you don�t feel the pain of using a CRM. Key features:

Periodical invoicing

Periodical service reminders

Renewal reminders

Asset management

Service history

Screen images

Active AMC

ActiveAMC Image

AMC renewal due

AMC renewal due Image

Preventive services

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AMC details

AMC details

Add AMC Machines

Asset under AMC